Assembly Formatter

Assembly Formatter

The ASM Formatter is a Visual Studio Code formatter extension that aligns instructions, arguments and comments in MIPS assembly code. The formatter creates neat columns, and when combined with a syntax highlighting extension and snippets creates a familiar and powerful editor, similar to that of more popular, higher level languages.

MIPS assembly code automatically formatted by the ASM Formatter VSCode extension.

I initially created this formatter because I found myself writing a lot assembly code for a class at university. As I liked the neatness that came with viewing the compiled instructions in hex editors and didn't want to tediously format the code myself, as any good programmer would, I took 2 hours to write a barebones extension to automate the task. After sending it to some classmates, I eventually published the extension on the Visual Studio Code Extension Marketplace, leading to thousands of users installing it.

This project gave me familiarity with Visual Studio Code's formatter API and allowed me to better the programming experience for myself and friends around me.


  • TypeScript
  • Visual Studio Code Extension API

This project is completely open source and available on GitHub. Feel free to contribute, report bugs or just check out the source code.