Rocket League Garage Discord Bot

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Rocket League Garage Discord Bot

Rocket League Garage is an online community and trading platform dedicated to the popular vehicular soccer video game, Rocket League. It serves as a hub for players to connect, trade items, and discuss the game.

Rocket League Garage home page

In addition to their website, Rocket League Garage offers a Discord bot that enhances the trading experience. The bot provides various features such as item price checking, quick item search, and automated shop notifications. Users can easily inquire about the current value of items, search for specific items they wish to acquire, and find information on the in-game competitive ranks of them and their friends. The Rocket League Garage Discord Bot streamlines the trading process and helps players find the items they desire more efficiently.

Rocket League Garage Discord Bot user interface

The Rocket League Garage Discord Bot services well over 1 million users across 10,000 servers making it one of the largest and mostly widely used bots in the community. As such, the bot was built with performance and reliability in mind, making use of Discord's REST API over their more commonly used Gateway. It also features the ability to check a trading partner against the Rocket League scam list for user safety and trade security. The full list of commands currently available can be seen below:

Rocket League Garage Discord Bot command list


  • Node.js with Typescript
  • Fastify
  • Discord.js
  • AWS