Gameflip Generic Listing Bot

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Gameflip Generic Listing Bot

The Gameflip Generic Listing Bot allows you to automatically list hundreds of items on Gameflip with the click of a button.

Need to create posts for GTA V, Roblox or even a redeemable code? This program can do all of these things.


Using a CSV spreadsheet, you can create reusable listings and templates to post to Gameflip. Within a few minutes, you can list hundreds of unique in-game items while you sit back and watch sales roll in.

Gameflip listing Excel spreadsheet


Using the spreadsheet and config file, you can customize many parts of your listings, including:

  • Image
  • Description
  • Price
  • Platform
  • Game
  • Category
  • Game-specific tags
  • Automatically delivered codes
  • Delivery time
  • Post expiry
GTA V Gameflip listing

The generated listings look just like manual posts, with a few search tricks under the hood to ensure your listings always show up when buyers are browsing.

Halo Gameflip listing


The Gameflip Generic Listing Bot also includes helpful looping features, allowing you to post listings on an interval to ensure your listings are seen by customers first.

Gameflip Generic Listing Bot command line interface

Wide Support

Tried and tested support in Gameflip categories such as:

  • Rocket League
  • GTA
  • Halo Infinite
  • Roblox
  • Game Codes
  • + more


Download the bot and extract the zip into a folder of your choosing. Follow the instructions in the file to get started. You will need a licence in order to run the bot so please purchase one from the link below.

Once downloaded, create a config file with the Gameflip Config Generator and download it to the same folder as your bot.