Gameflip Rocket League Items Bot

GameflipDesktop Application
$30 USD
Gameflip Rocket League Items Bot

As of December 5th, 2023 Epic Games has removed trading from Rocket League, thus rendering this product defunct. This bot is no longer available for sale and is no longer supported.

Automatically post hundreds of Rocket League item listings on Gameflip with the click of a button with the Gameflip Rocket League Items Bot.

Sellers often neglect to list their lower value items due to the sheer time it would take, missing out on potential sales. The Gameflip Rocket League Items Bot allows you to post and sell any and every item from your inventory just by entering a price.


The application uses a CSV spreadsheet of your inventory, which is automatically generated by Bakkesmod. After simply entering a price, the Gameflip Rocket League Items Bot will find images provided by Gameflip and use information from its item database to generate a polished listing. Within a few minutes, you can list hundreds of items that may otherwise never leave your inventory.

Gameflip Rocket League listings spreadsheet


Using the spreadsheet, you can customize many parts of your listings, including:

  • Image
  • Description
  • Price
  • Platform
  • Delivery time
  • Post expiry
Gameflip Rocket League listing

The generated listings look just like manual posts, with a few search tricks under the hood to ensure your listings always show up when buyers are browsing.


The Gameflip Rocket League Items Bot also includes helpful looping features, allowing you to post listings on an interval to ensure your listings are seen by customers first.

Gameflip Rocket League Items command line interface