Rocket League Garage Trade Bumper

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Rocket League Garage Trade Bumper

I've recently started work as a developer at Rocket League Garage. As such this extension is no longer available from the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Browser Add-ons.

Automatically bump your Rocket League Garage trades, and sit back while the trades roll in.

RLG Trade Bumper will automatically bump your trade offers on Rocket League Garage, allowing you to focus on trading rather than managing your trades.

Rocket League Garage trades


Install the extension for free:


  • Adjustable (and randomized) trade bumping delay, from 15 minutes to an hour
  • Simple + easy to use. Add this extension and open the "My Trades" page on Rocket League Garage to start automatically bumping.
  • Bump logs. See when your trades were last bumped by clicking on the RLG Trade Bumper icon.
  • Quick on/off switch. Turn the bumper on or off whenever you like.
  • Dark mode. Rest your eyes with an automatically toggled dark mode (depending on system preferences).

Rocket League Garage Trade Bumper Interface
Rocket League Garage Trade Bumper in dark mode.

Open Source

Rocket League Garage Trade Bumper is fully open source and available on GitHub.

Note: Use this extension at your own risk. ANGABLUE is in no way liable if action is taken against you for using this extension.